Pomeranian Dog Temperament and Lifespan

Pomeranians are smart, lively and outgoing creatures. They like meeting new people, that is why it is a good idea to start socializing them early in their life, especially if your puppy is somewhat moody. Poms generally suffer from Small-dog Syndrome. It means that they believe they can take on opponents much bigger than they are. In fact, this makes them perfect watchdogs because they are able to warn their owners about appearance of strangers. However, Pomeranians are not protective due to their size. All they can do in dangerous situations is barking. Despite their miniature measures, Poms are clever and are always ready to learn new commands. things. Provide your pet with short and funny trainings when it is a puppy and you will get a well-adjusted grown-up Pom. The lifespan of this dog breed is from 11 to 12 years.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Dog Cost and Price Range

There is a great price range for Poms. The cost depends on different factors. You can buy a puppy for only $500 or even $4,000. Usually, the price of Pomeranians is $600-$1,500. It is recommended to buy a puppy with health insurance because this dog breed is characterized with a set of health issues. If your pet turns out to have any health problems you will have to spend thousands of dollars on its treatment without health insurance.

Before buying a Pomeranian, decide intentions you have for getting a dog in the first place. Do you need a family pet or a show dog? The cost of the dog depends significantly on its look and breed-quality. For instance, a Pom with rare and exotic-colored fur will costs much more than a doggy with blemishes.

Pomeranian Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Poms are usually 7-12 inches tall. Their weight is between 3 and 7 pounds (1-3kg). They have feathery profusion of a tail and luxurious coat. These dogs come in many different colors, mainly red, white, orange, or cream, brown, blue, or black. A white Pomeranian with colored markings can be also met, just like a tan and black Pom, or a sable and orange one. Poms have two coats - a soft and fluffy undercoat and a long, rough and straight upper hair. It is necessary to brush their coat at least twice a week to preserve the shiny look of your pet. Pomeranians shed heavily, especially in spring and autumn.

Pomeranian Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

Poms are active lap dogs who like to play very much, but at the same time they won't mind sitting on your lap while you are watching TV. Intelligence of these dogs makes them good at obedience training which should be started at a young age. Sometimes Poms are stubborn and bored that is why they need constant socialization. Entertain your pet as much as you can, take it with you everywhere and your dog will be the happiest creature on Earth.

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