Maltese Dog Temperament and Lifespan

The Maltese is a great choice of the dog for a person looking for a living toy, extremely playful and clever at the same time. It is a very curious and fast doggie which, however, doesn't need much exercise outdoors. It will be enough for this dog to dash around the yard for some time. The Maltese is highly loving and affectionate, so he will be glad to accompany you everywhere you go. Keep an eye on your pet outdoors, because such a small dog may be viewed as a delicacy by larger dogs. It is recommended to have a fence around your yard as well. These dogs are usually peaceful, but some individuals are more cautious. To get an outgoing pet, it is recommended to start socializing him earlier. Do not spoil him or treat him like a helpless creature, but demand from you dog good manners. In general, the average life expectancy of Maltese is 12.8 years.

How Much Does a Maltese Dog Cost and Price Range

It is very important to find a healthy puppy and the only way to do it is to buy him from a reputable breeder. In the USA, a Maltese puppy will cost about $2,000.00 from a local breeder or a pet store. Usually, females are more expensive. But you will not regret buying such a dog. He is really worth the money. It should be mentioned that Maltese often have knee joint issues, chronic allergies, and itchy skin conditions. That is why they may need an expensive surgery or treatment. Other health problems include heart disease, eye diseases, epilepsy, and hypoglycemia.

Maltese Dog Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Most people think that the Maltese dogs are only found in pure white but even white individuals may have other colors as well such as light tan and lemon. These two shades are permissible when found on ears, according to the breed standards. Some Maltese have other colors on other parts of the body aside as well. The lemon shade can be found on the neck, back and chest. However, even multi-colored dogs make wonderful pets. A Maltese is known for not very abundant shedding despite such long hair. To reduce this process, you will need to make styling and grooming your daily hobby. In addition, you will need to follow a few guidelines involving bathing, styling and trimming, diet and emotional life of your dog. The size of Maltese dogs depends on genetics mainly, though exercise, diet, and health are also important. The female should be larger than the male. The average weight of this dog breed is 4-7 pounds (1.81 - 3.18 kg).

Maltese Dog Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

The Maltese is a sensitive and obedient dog which loves training and being outdoors. Some Maltese dogs live longer lives - up to 17 years - depending on conditions they live in. Females live a bit longer than males. Even though it is one of the smallest breeds, the Maltese is one of the smartest dog breeds. He is polite with other animals, children and strangers. As these dogs do not shed excessively, they can be a good choice for allergic people.

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