Malinois Temperament and Lifespan

The Malinois is a Belgian sheepdog, clever and obedient dog, observant and determined. This dog possesses territorial and protective instincts, however, he needs proper socialization to avoid shyness and excessive sensitivity. The Malinois requires an experienced owner who would be firm but not too strict or harsh. What this dog needs is a natural and confident authority, as well as consistent rules. He is good with children and needs to feel a member of the family. He doesn't like to live in a kennel. This breed will instinctively protect his people and property so it should be properly trained and socialized since early age. These dogs are good for competition and working obedience, they are perfect guard. Besides, they make good pets and respect their leader. They are alert, watchful, and loyal. The average life expectancy of this dog is about 12-14 years.

How Much Does a Malinois Cost and Price Range

You can buy a purebred Malinois for about $1000-$5000. The cost depends on a number of factors. The first one is what the dog was bred to do. It can be a pet dog or a show quality dog. The second factor is the place where you are buying a puppy - a shelter, a rescue organization, a pet store or from a breeder. Breeders differ significantly. Avoid buying a Malinois from a backyard breeder who wants to earn money only. But serch a responsible breeder. Mixes should be better bought from the breeder, but not from a shelter.

Malinois Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Malinoises have smooth, shorthaired coat. The most widely spread colors for the dogs of this breed are black and brown. They shed moderately all year round but they do it heavily twice a year. It is a normal process but some owners do not wish to see dog hair in their homes and cars. To avoid this, it is recommended to brush your dog with a firm bristle brush two times a week. It is not difficult to groom this dog. Bathe him only if it is necessary. Speaking about the size of these dogs it is necessary to say that males are 24 - 26 inches (61 - 66 cm) tall. Females are 22 - 24 inches (56 - 61 cm). The average weight of these dogs is 55 - 65 pounds (24 - 29 kg).

Malinois Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

This breed is generally healthy and has no serious health concerns. Minor issues may include eye problems, skin allergies, excessive shyness, hip dysplasia, excessive aggressiveness and elbow dysplasia. Malinoises can live in an apartment quite well but they need enough exercise. They need a little yard. These dogs prefer cool climates, but can perfectly adapt to others. They can also live outdoors but still prefer to live with people. The Belgian Malinois needs good leadership, defined rules and discipline. He is usually dominant toward other pets and can demonstrate an undesired behavior.

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