Black Mouth Cur Temperament and Lifespan

The Black Mouth Cur is created for people who are fond of hunting. He can hunt almost any sort of animals - bear, boar, coon, deer, squirrel, as well as medium-sized game. This dog will never retreat. He can perfectly trail and even climb not very tall trees. Some breeders keep those dogs for say protecting and penning cattle. A puppy of six months old is able to do it already. The Cur is relentless and loves his owner and family members tenderly. If necessary he can perfectly protective his family fearlessly. He always wants to please his master, he is kind with children, however, the dog of this breed needs an owner who will become a confident authority for him. The owner must be able to set his own rules and the dog must stick to them. The master must be stern, yet calm and friendly. The life expectancy of this dog is about 12 to 18 years.

How Much Does a Black Mouth Cur Cost and Price Range

The cost of a Black Mouth Cur may vary drastically depending on many different aspects such as health and fitness, age, location, breeder cost, and pedigree. On average, you are expected to pay from $300 to $500 for a healthy, purebred puppy from a good and reputable breeder. Another place for you to buy a dog of this breed is a rescue organization, however, such dogs may have behavioural issues. Curs can be found online as well. For example, sells their puppies from $200 to as much as $350, while offers puppies $400 each.

Black Mouth Cur Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The Black Mouth Cur is a sturdy, muscular, rugged dog with a coat of different shades of yellow, brindle and fawn. Some dogs are born with lighter coats, while others have heavier coats. The same litter may involve different coat types. The muzzle is usually tan, black or the same color as the coat. The most appreciated are black muzzles. The ears are hanging and the tail is quite long. Many puppies are born with a short tail, however. This dog's chest is solid and deep.

The Black Mouth Cur sheds but not too excessively. His hair is very easy to groom. All you will need to do is to comb and brush your pet once or two times a week to remove dead hairs. Bathe him only when he is too dirty or smelly. Bathing can be harmful for the dog's skin. Groom hair in the ear canal. The height of these dogs varies from 16 to 25 inches (40 - 64 cm), and weight varies from 45 to 95 pounds (20 - 43 kg).

Black Mouth Cur Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

It is extremely important for this dog to get enough daily mental and physical exercise. If Curs lack these activities, they can become uncontrolled. As hunting is their natural instinct, take your dog for hunting or simply for daily walks regularly. This breed is highly intelligent and calm which makes these dogs worthy family members who will love and protect their people. Early training is vital for the Black Mouth puppy.

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