Sani Sticks

It is not always an easy task to keep your drain clear and odorless. Fortunately, Sani Sticks are drain cleaning and sanitation sticks specially created to stop greasy buildup, and even dissolves hair, food, organic deposits, and other things. These sticks are so concentrated that can effectively prevent drains from clogging. As the manufacturer claims, one needs to drop one stick into the drain once per month. It can be dome in the utility room, bathroom, kitchen, or anywhere else... read more


BetterHelp is the largest online counseling platform in the world that claims to help anyone talk to a licensed, professional therapist. All you need to have is an internet connection. The company was launched in the summer of 2013, so they have enough experience to provide really professional help. If you are facing any life's challenges, you are free to choose a specialist from the network of more than 1,200 board-accredited counselors who will gladly help you through your tablet, computer, or mobile phone... read more

AirHawk Compressor

AirHawk Compressor is a cordless handheld device that pulls in the air from the outside, compresses it, and directs it into anything you need. It can be sports equipment, car or bike tires, air mattresses, toys, and more. The company promises that this machine is convenient, fast, and easy to use. Besides, it is able to inflate any tire in a few seconds. It can be stored in almost any car, cabinet, or drawer due to its compact design allows. AirHawk Compressor is equipped with a built-in light... read more

Chime Bank

Chime Bank is an online bank offering different bank services such as checking accounts and automatic savings plans. The latter provide 10% cash back rewards up to $500 every year. According to its LinkedIn profile, Chime Bank was founded in 2013 by Ryan and Britt King who are still the leaders of the company. King is its CTO, while Chris Britt is its current CEO. Britt is quite experienced in the prepaid card and credit card industry... read more

Zipit Bedding

Zipit Bedding is a set that includes a blanket and sheet that work together like a sleeping bag. The product might be very helpful for both moms and kids. They say it's fun, fast, and makes it easy for children to make their own bed in just a few seconds. All they need to do is to pull the zipper. Besides, Zipit Bedding is reversible, glow-in-the-dark, and has side-storage pockets. The product was invented by Jennifer MacDonald who saw her sons zipping up their sleeping bags after a sleepover... read more

Bowflex HVT

The Bowflex HVT is claimed to be a revolutionary trainer for supporting whole-body fitness with Hybrid Velocity Training or HVT. It allows you to stay in constant motion with strength and cardio exercises, while minimizing impact and maximizing your payback. The company promises that you will get impressive results really fast within just 18-minute sessions. There is no need to be involved in higher-impact cross training. The system provides... read more

Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven

The Wolfgang Puck Pressure Oven is a relatively new oven that promises you to cook tastier and more flavorful meals easier and up to 70% faster than in a traditional oven. According to the company, the "moisture-sealed and pressurized" technology of the oven guarantees that your food won't be dried out or ruined. This kitchen appliance is manufactured by KitchenTek, LLC, based out of Pueblo, CO. The official website of the company offers important information about it... read more

TruGreen Lawn Care

All of us would like to have blooming and attractive lawns near our houses. But many factors often interfere with our efforts to do so, including lawn damaging insects and unpredictable weather. If your lawn needs ongoing attention, TruGreen Lawn Care may be very helpful. This is the system that will help you to take care of your lawn. It is developed by TruGreen, a company offering science-based solutions for your healthy and green landscape... read more


StyleWe is an online store that offers consumers an opportunity to shop fashionable clothes with unique designs in a fast and convenient manner. The store provides items made by small boutiques and independent fashion designers. Unlike other shopping platforms that offer a variety of unusual selections, these are StyleWe designers who focus on the designing, the company handles customer service... read more


Amway is a company involved in direct selling different kinds of products. It has been in business over 50 years and claims to have helped over 3 million Independent Business Owners (IBOs) to create a successful business of their own. The company operates in more than 100 countries of the world by offering a wide range of products, complete customer support, extensive training opportunities, etc. Amway is based out of Ada, MI, and has an A+ rating with... read more

Brooklinen Sheets

Brooklinen Sheets are made by the American company called Brooklinen. It is a well-known manufacturer of high-quality linen in the country. The company has its own official website that sells other products. The website is very informative and gives anyone an opportunity to quickly order almost any item of linen. These sheets are woven from 100% long-staple cotton. Usually, they are sold as a part of the Brooklinen Classic Core sheet set that includes one fitted sheet, one flat sheet, and... read more

Chase Slate Credit Card

The Chase Slate Credit Card appears to make a step further when compared to many other cards available on the market. It comes with a special balance transfer offer that is makes this card truly unique. This is the only card that requires no fee on balance transfers. In addition, the card offers some useful financial management tools that will help you to pay off the full balance with no penalties. Cardholders can benefit from no-fee introductory balance transfer within the first fifteen months... read more

AAdvantage Aviator

AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite Mastercard from Barclays is claimed to be one of the credit cards for American Airlines fans to choose from. Like its competing credit cards, it offers an interesting mix of free bags and miles, as well as some boarding perks and opportunities to earn miles while shopping. It can be difficult to figure out which reward card is better and which is worse, but we are going to clear up this confusion by providing... read more

Armando Montelongo Seminars

You have probably heard that Armando Montelongo and his family starred on A&E's hit TV show Flip this House, where he purchased homes, fixed them up, and sold them for big amounts of money. Later, he appeared on Season 6, episode 10 of CBS's Undercover Boss. As Armando himself says he earned $3 million during his first three years of damaged houses before he appeared on television. This significantly contributed into his career of a motivational speaker and... read more


Qmee is a free software extension that works alongside famous and widely used search websites and helps to earn money by clicking on links. It is available for both PC and Mac. In other words, whether it is Yahoo, Google, or Bing, or even Ebay or, shows relevant search results to you. As you click on their sponsored links, you get the payment for that. If you encountered different "get paid to engage" websites... read more


DealDash is a company that was established in 2009 and is currently based out of New York City. Actually, it is an online social marketplace that offers a 100% risk-free alternative to penny auctions and the ability to buy items at up to 60-99% discount of the retail price. According to the official website of the company, they stick to high moral standards, and apply honest integrity and business practices... read more


If you are really fond of reading but you prefer reasonably priced books, you can benefit from BookBub, a company that promises to send you e-mail messages every time a book that matches your interests is offered at a lower price, or even free. The company has more than two million subscribers and claims to be the best service for e-book price promotions. According to their professionally made website, publishers frequently offer flash sales on their books in... read more


If you are looking for a dress but you fail to find a good option because of high prices from traditional retailers, there is a store that will provide a great solution. It is the company called TBdress. It offers special occasion dresses, superior wedding apparel, women's clothing, intimates, and accessories at lower prices. Do they really provide worthy bargains? Let's take a look at the details and features of TBAdress... read more

Tranquilo Mat

Leaving the womb is undoubtedly a stress for newborns. This is the reason why the Tranquilo company created a mat that would ease the transition from the womb into the bigger world. The Tranquilo Mat is a portable mat designed to soothe your baby in car seat, crib, and even in your lap. The product was developed by a maternity nurse who realized that infants needed a better way to be calmed during their first months of life in a greater world. The mat is claimed to mimic the feeling... read more

Meal Enders

Meal Enders is called an antidote to overeating. It comes in the form of a two-layer, patent pending signaling lozenge. It was created with the use of sensory and behavioral science to fight overeating, curb food cravings and control portions. These lozenges can be used at mealtime, snack time, or in between. These items consist of two components only, no gluten, drugs, artificial sweeteners, herbs, or high fructose corn syrup. The outer layer is sweet, thus, it is used as a "dessert" and... read more

Lash Magnetics

Lash Magnetics are eyelash extensions that work by being held in place by micromagnets and can be used many times. These magnetized eyelashes click on in a few seconds without any glue or adhesives. The official website of the product is It was registered in August 2017, which means that both the company and the product are quite new on the market. The official website describes some basic features of the product. These include ability to apply the lashes in a few moments... read more


LegalZoom in an online legal documents service meant for individuals and small businesses. It was founded by attorneys with the goal to make vital documents that provide legal protection in an affordable way. The company offers a wide variety of legal documents that cover a number of areas, including starting and operating your business, real estate planning and personal planning. For instance, some of the most popular documents include... read more


23andMe is a company that offers genetic testing by taking the saliva sample for tracing your lineage up to 10,000 years back, as well as across 750 maternal lineages and more than 500 paternal lineages. The company has more than 500,000 genotyped members and claims to be the biggest DNA ancestry service in the world. It has been in business since 2007 and is based out of Mountain View, CA. However, they are not rated with the Better Business Bureau... read more

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